Pallet Covers

Pallet Covers, Gusset Bags, Poly Sheets, Tubing, Gaylord Liners, PE Jumbo Bags

We also produce Pallet Covers/Liners and Gaylord Liners using 100% LDPE Virgin resins , in addition we also produce Gusseted rolls (Upto 2m wide, when opening the gusset, it will be 4 m wide) and Wide width Jumbo Bags made of LDPE resin. The Jumbo Bags can be used as Liners for FIBC bags, which we are presently exporting to GCC countries. We recently have started supplying wide –width bags made of Pure LDPE resin for mattress packaging.

Polyethylene Poly Sheeting, a general-purpose poly film with a range of standard to heavy-duty thickness for use in construction projects, paint protection, agriculture applications, carpet protection etc.

We are dedicated to producing exceptional products for a competitive price and offering professional, obliging customer care, we are the provider of choice for a growing number of companies across India and looking to serve the International Market as well.

We also Manufacture

  • FIBC Liners or Jumbo Liners from LDPE
  • Conveyor film used in granite polishing to collect the dust
  • Heavy Duty, wide width ( 6 meter ) shrink film with one (to shrink heat pressed joint used in Shrinking Large Objects

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