Pallet cover Manufacturers

Pallet Covers, Gusset Bags, Poly Sheets, Tubing, Gaylord Liners, PE Jumbo Bags

Pallet cover Manufacturers from Super Ole Fins are the most cost-effective way of ensuring your products remain dry and dust free, offering complete protection with the added advantage of excellent transportation stability. They are available as shrink pallet covers and non-shrink pallet covers to suit specific business needs, ranging in thickness from 15 micron to 250 microns. We Super Ole fins trade and manufacture experience to provide cost-effective, secure protection for pallets during storage and transportation.

Our pallet top covers are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They go through stringent testing to ensure only first-rate products are offered to customers. Once fitted perfectly, heat is applied to tighten the cover over the load. This heat can be applied using a heat gun or heat tunnel. We offer professional heat gun training.

We also produce Pallet Covers/Liners and Gaylord Liners using 100% LDPE Virgin resins, in addition we also produce Gusseted rolls (Up to 2m wide, when opening the gusset, it will be 4 m wide) and Wide width Jumbo Bags made of LDPE resin.

We are dedicated to producing exceptional products for a competitive price and offering professional, obliging customer care, we are the provider of choice for a growing number of companies across India and looking to serve the International Market as well.

We also Manufacture

  • FIBC Liners or Jumbo Liners from LDPE
  • Conveyor film used in granite polishing to collect the dust
  • Heavy Duty, wide width ( 6 meter ) shrink film with one (to shrink heat pressed joint used in Shrinking Large Objects

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